A lasting solution to constant pain and debilitating illnesses such as:

Migraines, back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain, joint pain, sports injuries and many more ailments.

In addition to symptomatic relief, coMra-Therapy is designed to enhance recovery and regeneration. Particularly suited to acute and chronic pain and long-standing conditions.

Affordable and easy to use – Over 200 protocols for various ailments and conditions and four terminals: Meridian, Medical, Aesthetic and Probe.

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coMra Therapy is based on MIL-Therapy and the principle known as Coherent Multi-Radiances. The forefathers of MIL-Therapy knew that there are essentially four radiant energies that have to be synthesised into working together as one coherent whole. These energies are:
1. Infrared laser, 2. Four basic colours: red – green – indigo violet – yellow,
3. Magnetism and 4. Low – Intensity Ultrasound.

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How coMra-Therapy works:

The Delta combines Low-Level Laser with Colour Light Emitting Diodes, Magnetic Field and Ultrasound. These all play important roles in stimulating the immune and regenerative functions of the human body.

These elements operate at a fundamental and cellular level, to bring about the healing effects. From a scientific perspective, we can outline the most important actions of the radiances on the cells as follows:

  • The Low-Level Laser and Magnetic Field deliver energy directly to the site of a disease, penetrating from epidermis to inner organs and restoring energy deficit in diseased cells by accelerating enzymatic synthesis of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).
  • Colour LEDs initiate a number of signalling pathways inside cells, as well as between components of the immune and nervous systems. Intracellular signalling involves changes in reactive oxygen species, Ca2+, free radical NO° and pH. In addition, the irradiation of skin sensory nerves and immune cells causes a cascade of responses in the central nervous system and a modulation of systemic immune responses.
  • Low-intensity Ultrasound increases the speed and efficiency of enzyme activity in cells, inter- and intracellular mass transport and other biochemical processes through non-destructive mechanical agitation.


Medical – medical conditions, acute or chronic

Sports – relief and recovery from all sports and exercise injuries

Beauty – look and feel younger

Hair – revitalising for hair and scalp

Dentistry – care for teeth and gums

Reflexology – an alternative to reflexology in cases where physical pressure is not possible or desirable

Botany – revitalise your plants

Animals – therapies for animals

Acupuncture – Delta Probe terminal is ideal for the purposes of acupuncture with light


Medical Terminal: Infrared Laser, LED Lights, Ultrasound, Magnets

The Medical Terminal is used for treating the majority of medical conditions in the User Guide, including sporting injuries and pain relief. In addition, it is used for systemic treatments, preventive medicine, enhancing the immune system, as well as general well-being treatments. It has a Regenerating effect.


Meridian Terminal: Infrared Laser, LED Lights, Magnets

The Meridian Terminal, with its light-carrying bristles, is useful for treating the scalp – to treat and prevent hair loss in women as well as men. As part of a beauty treatment, it is used to provide body, lustre and shine to hair – especially if the hair has become brittle and damaged through excessive heat and chemicals. The Meridian Terminal is also used as a gentle method to stimulate points on the hands and soles of the feet, and also as a gentle treatment for babies.


Aesthetic Terminal: Infrared Laser, LED Lights, Ultrasound, Magnets

The Aesthetic Terminal is used for skin conditions, like eczema, as well as for beauty treatments, in terms of wrinkles, blemishes, softening the skin, rejuvenating the skin, making the skin firmer and more supple, as well as stimulating the production of collagen. Used in conjunction with the Medical terminal, the Aesthetic terminal can also be used for stimulating the repair of torn muscles and tendons, as well as broken bones. It has a Rejuvenating effect.


Probe Terminal: Infrared Laser, LED Lights, Magnets

The Probe Terminal is invaluable for treating a wide variety of internal conditions. With the Normal Sheath, it is used to treat vaginal, as well as anal conditions. And the Extended Sheath is used for treating conditions occurring in the ears, nose and mouth. The Probe Terminal is also invaluable for acupuncturists, who wish to use the laser light to stimulate specific acupuncture points.

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Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Delta Multi Set: Price available on request

  • Delta handset & Portable power pack
  • Medical terminal
  • Meridian terminal
  • Aesthetic terminal with enhanced Ultrasound
  • Probe terminal with Normal and Extended Sheaths
  • Case & User Guide

Delta Go Set: Price available on request

  • Delta handset & Portable power pack
  • Medical Terminal
  • Case & User Guide

Additional Terminals are sold separately: Price available on request

  • Meridian Terminal
  • Aesthetic terminal with enhanced ultrasound
  • Probe terminal with normal and extended sheaths
  • Additional sheaths for the Delta Probe (price on request)
  • Additional Portable Power Packs (price on request)

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