Disclaimer Covid-19 virus

Meg-Ann 5762 services cc  (t/a Health in Bio Energetics) distances themselves from any SCIO, EDUCTOR or QUEST9 therapist claiming to be able to diagnose and or treat the covid-19 virus. The devices are to be used as universal electro-physiological biofeedback systems. It is designed for stress detection and stress reduction. The devices do not diagnose any issue other than stress. Stress can come from many sources; the systems use many multimedia therapies to reduce stress.

ONLY Medical Doctors are qualified to diagnose. The covid-19 virus can ONLY be diagnosed by specific tests carried out by the Department Of Health at specific establishments designated by the Government and the Department Of Health.

Meg-Ann 5762 services cc (handeldrywend as Health in Bio Energetics) distansieer hulself van enige SCIO, EDUCTOR of QUEST9 terapeut wat daarop aanspraak maak om die Covid-19 virus te diagnoseer of te behandel. Die toestelle word slegs aangewend as ‘n universele elektro-fisiologiese bioterugvoerende stelsels. Hulle is ontwerp vir die identifisering van stres en die vermindering daarvan. Hulle diagnoseer slegs die stres in die liggaan en of psige. Stres het talle oorsake en hierdie stelsels gebruik verskillende multimedia terapieë om die stres en die oorsake daarvan te verminder.

SLEGS gekwalifiseerde mediese dokters is by magte om siektes te diagnoseer. Die Covid-19 virus kan SLEGS gediagnoseer word deur spesifieke mediese toetse wat deur die Departement van Gesondheid by spesifieke laboratoriums uitgevoer word soos bepaal deur die regering en die Departement van Gesondheid.

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