Clinical Carephotizo2
A light therapy device for clinical useA specialist Photizo® unit for use by clinicians, general practitioners, plastic surgeons, in wound care clinics, hospitals, diabetes clinics, and gerontology units. Use the Photizo® Clinical (643) unit in the practice, clinic or hospital for post-operative wound care, acute wounds, chronic wounds (especially for chronic venous ulcers in diabetic patients or patients with venous insufficiency or impaired microcirculation), vasculitis, failed skin flaps or grafts, septic wounds, large and small burn wounds, and to relieve joint and muscle pain. Especially useful in treating bed sores, oral mucositis, and other conditions associated with immune compromised patients, chemotherapy patients, and frail-care patients.For treating larger areas optional high-power 600mW and 1200mW probes are available as accessories for this unit.

Treatment Protocols Protocols available on the Photizo® Clinical Unit
The following treatment protocols are available on the Photizo® clinical unit:0-21 Day Wound
21+ Day Wound
Tissue Trauma
Oral Pathology

Where can the Photizo® Clinical Unit be used?

Institutions for which the Photizo® clinical unit is recommended

The Photizo® clinical unit is recommended for use by the following institutions:

· Hospitals: wards, theaters, casualties, intensive care units, outpatients, burns units
· Wound Care units/clinics
· Diabetes clinics
· Frail Care units
· Retirement homes/home for the aged
· Step-down facilities/institutions
· Rural area clinics
· Primary care/Community care clinics
· Dental care and dentistry practices
· AIDS clinics
· Oncology practices
· Community health centers
· Podiatrists
· Dermatology practices
· Plastic surgeons’ practices
· General practitioners
· Occupational health clinics
· Home based nursing care
· Ear, nose and throat (ENT) practices

This product comes with a 2-year carry-in warranty from the date of purchase, provided original proof of purchase is presented.


Treatable Conditions
Conditions which are treatable with the Photizo® Clinical Unit

-A- -G- -R-
Accupuncture points Gout Repetitive Injury Syndrome
-B- Gingivitis Rheumatoid Arthritis
Blisters Golfer’s Elbow Rhinopathy
Boils -H- Runner’s Knee
Burns Hematomas -S-
Bursitis Hemorrhoids Scrapes/Scratches
Bells Palsy Herpes Zoster Sinusitis
Burger’s Disease -I- Skin Degradation
-C- Infection Skin Grafts
Callous Formation Inflammation Skin Re-pigmentation
Cartilage Injuries Insect Bites Spinal Cord Injuries
Cellulitis ITB Strain Synovitis
Chronic Pain -J- -T-
Circulatory Problems Joint Injury/Pain Tendonitis
Contact Dermatitis -K- Throat Infections
Cracked Skin Keratosis Tendon Injuries
Cysts Keloids Trigger Points
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -L- Tooth Abcess
Cold Sores Ligament Injuries Tooth Extractions
Cracked Skin/Heels Lymph Nodes Tromboplebitis
-D- Lymph Vessels Tonsilitis
Degenerative Joint Disease -M- Tennis Elbow
Dental Infections Mastitis -U-
Dental Hypersensitivity Mouth Ulcers Ulcers
Dermatitis Mucositis -V-
Discus Lesions Muscle Pain/Spasm/Trauma Venous Ulcers
Dental Implants Myalgia Varricus Veins
-E- -N- Vasculitis
Ear Infections Nail Fungus -W-
Eczema Neuralgia Warts
Edema -O- Wounds
-F- Over-use Syndromes
Fasciitis -P-
Fibromyalgia Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Fractures Post-herperic Conditions
Frostbite Post-operative Pain
Fungus Infection Post-operative Swelling

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