The Inventor

Professor William Nelson started his career as a mathematician and physicist in the NASA space program, where he was actively involved with the trajectory determinations which ensured the safe return of the first Apollo expedition to the Moon.

Following his work with the space program he taught mathematics to finance his medical training. Personal experience with the successor to thalidomide prompted a search for softer, non-invasive approaches to healing. This research led to a deep involvement in Homeopathy and research into energetic medical devices.

Professor Nelson recognized potential in the early, single channel, electro-acupuncture devices and started working in the energetic medicine field. Bringing his knowledge of quantum physics to his studies of the body’s energy field, he expanded this one channel resistance device technology into an interactive system operating in 3 dimensions. This resulted in a system that truly represented the main body energetic parameters and provided a rapid testing method.

The benefits of energetic medicine were obvious and while following the basic naturopathic principle of first do no harm, he developed a unique system of energetic therapies – the SCIO – which has become not only the most complete and effective system of its kind but the safest.

Professor William Nelson worked for AC Electronics on the Apollo 11,12,13,14,15 navigation system. I am a qualified and experienced bio-electronics expert. I have written the first real book on Quantum Biology in 1982 the Promorpheus. I am a medical doctor and I was licensed in the State of Ohio to diagnose and treat medical patients. I have retired to be a professor of Medicine for the International Medical University an accredited university. I have spent 35 million dollars to make movies and training videos to change the world, several of my movies have won film festival awards, I participated in over 200 medical studies published in peer reviewed medical journals since 1974, I have written and or edited over 90 certified medical textbooks, just to mention a few of my credentials. I am a world leading expert in Quantum Biology, Medical Device Law, Bio-Electronics, Bio-feedback, Bio-Resonance, clinical Psychology, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Energetic Medicine and overall Medicine. All indisputable facts.